Radar, weapons, environmental controls, and payload systems

CDA brushless motors, actuators and rotary sensors have been part of the defense aircraft industry for decades. We have been part of electrical and hydraulic actuation systems across the a very diverse range of aircraft, missile, UAV, ship, and vehicle applications where high reliability and extended life is critical product features. Semi-custom high-altitude electrical rotary and linear products developed to work in conjunction with system level controllers and other electronic feedback devices to achieve a highly reliable and power dense solutions for the defense market. Our heritage includes application on hydraulic and fuel valves, gimbal systems, linear drives, environmental control systems, control surface actuation, etc.


CDA in Military Fighter, Surveillance, & Cargo Aircraft

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RADAR and Fire Control Actuation

Missile Aerosurface Actuation

Jet Engine
Valve Control


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When it has to work

We support missions where components must work every time, because if they don’t, the mission may fail and lives may be lost. That’s critical engineering at work. That’s fifty years of space, downhole oil & gas, and defense heritage. That’s CDA InterCorp.