For more than half a century, CDA InterCorp has helped explore the universe, harvest resources, and defend nations. We help astronauts travel to near-Earth orbit and beyond; we help scientists study the universe; we help energy companies safely extract resources from our planet; we help nations defend their peoples and their borders. We create the mechanisms that drive some of humanity’s greatest endeavors.


CDA domestically designs and manufactures highly engineered, extremely reliable motors, actuators, and transducers for technologically advanced control systems. Our devices operate in the cryogenic vacuum of space, the high-temperature, high-pressure environment within Earth’s crust, and everywhere in between. If it has to work the first time and every time, CDA can help. If the space claim is impossibly small, CDA can help. From crewed space missions to national defense, CDA products are relied upon to operate when needed.


CDA’s well established heritage in these fields is centered around concierge-style engineering, providing direct access to our top-level engineering talent. CDA InterCorp’s Engineering department is well versed in all aspects of product application and project engineering. These hands-on professionals work closely with our customers from the product definition stage through acceptance testing, as well as post-contract support. Our engineers are also available to visit our customers for on-sight support to help define and select the right motor, actuator, or transducer for the application. Such access leads to rapid technical progression and responsive design evolution.


CDA InterCorp’s quality system is certified to AS9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 to support the most rigorous programs, like crewed space flight. A government quality representative is also available to provide source inspection if required.

CDA InterCorp’s entire range of products is designed to provide robust, reliable performance under the most demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810 and DO-160. CDA has a range of capabilities for in-house qualification, performance, and acceptance testing, and the CDA facility is a short drive from full-service testing facilities. Our products have been designed, tested, and operated in a wide range of environments and markets, including space, defense, commercial aviation, downhole, robotic, nuclear, and high-reliability industrial control applications. Contact us today to see how our team can support your team’s missions.

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When it has to work

We support missions where components must work every time, because if they don’t, the mission may fail and lives may be lost. That’s critical engineering at work. That’s fifty years of space, downhole oil & gas, and defense heritage. That’s CDA InterCorp.