Flight Surface, Cockpit, Engine, and communications systems

CDA components are used for flap, slat & spoiler actuation, airborne telecommunications rx/tx positioning, pumps & valves actuators for jet, turbofan & environmental control systems, and cockpit control feedback.  CDA’s ability to integrate other key actuator components such as clutches, brakes, position sensors, and multiple connectors into one compact, rugged solution sets CDA apart.


CDA in Commercial Aerospace

CDA’s experience and heritage supporting the demanding space, defense, and downhole oil & gas industries carries over into the commercial aerospace market where CDA’s power density and ruggedness are unmatched.  Some benefits of using CDA in commercial aerospace applications include:

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Control Surface Actuation

Airborne Receiver Positioning

Landing Gear Actuation 

Environmental Controls 

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When it has to work

We support missions where components must work every time, because if they don’t, the mission may fail and lives may be lost. That’s critical engineering at work. That’s fifty years of space, downhole oil & gas, and defense heritage. That’s CDA InterCorp.