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The demands of the space market place are challenging and diverse. Requirements for defense and government programs are taking us closer to the sun with the need for reliable operation at ever increasing operational temperatures while simultaneously taking us deeper and further out in our solar system and beyond with the need for reliable operation at ever decreasing operational temperatures. Common to both of these extremes is the need for ever increasing power density or the need to provide higher levels of performance in smaller and lighter packages to reduce mass. The higher volumes and speed to market requirements associated with the civil and commercial programs present vastly different, but no less challenging, demands in terms of affordability with no relaxation in the requirements for power density and reliability.

Alone among component suppliers to the space market place, CDA is uniquely qualified to meet and exceed all of these challenging and diverse demands. CDA's entire product offering is based on established modular designs with standard inventoried piece parts and a standard set of materials and process which provide virtually unlimited functionality in the extreme conditions found in the hostile environment of space. CDA's polyimide based insulation system and high grade stainless steel construction motors, gearboxes, and rotary transducers provide ideal controllable drive actuator solutions for rotary and linear systems used in space applications. Standard design features include a class H225 insulation system, matched thermal coefficient of expansion materials, and high strength gearing. The operational thermal range for our typical space application spans from 4K to above +240°C in a hard vacuum. Higher operating temperatures are available on request.

A distinct advantage of CDA's modular product line is the high torque and power output capacity within an extremely small diameter actuator package. This advantage makes our actuators ideal for space applications where size and weight are at a premium. At the heart of our actuators are high power density, highly reliable motors. CDA can configure any of our eight frame size motors (0.50"-3.00") as Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors, DC Stepper Motors, AC Induction Motors or AC Synchronous Motors. Custom windings, operational voltages, frequencies, motor drive configurations, and mechanical interface options increase design flexibility for mechanism design engineers who must work with size constraints and limited electronic control options. Precision machining of the motor interface to the high strength gearing modules assures reliable, high efficiency performance and operation. Any of these motors may be complimented with our equally durable position or rate transducers.

In combination with CDA's established modular designs with standard inventoried piece parts and standard materials and process, our extensive 25 year heritage and over 300 applications with space flight hardware provide our customers with substantial direct qualification read across and an extremely low risk design approach. CDA's list of space heritage can be found on our website for review. The standardized nature of our products minimizes non-recurring engineering expense and also allows for bulk purchase of inventory which drives down cost and reduces lead time.

In the past 5 years the space industry has seen a rapid expansion in the commercial satellite industry. Those customers looking for lower cost and higher quantity production, but maintaining the high performance and reliability that all space products must display. CDA's unique modular product line offers customers the advantage of government/military space experience and heritage, with the ability to procure larger blank quantities and support commercial markets.

In an effort to keep up with our customers continuously evolving requirements, CDA has expanded the core capabilities of the company with a series of new products. Each new product offers distinct design advantages and applications within the space market.

  • CDA motor with Harmonic Drive Integration
  • Frameless Motors including Pancake and Torquer
  • Wave Guide and Coaxial Switch Motors
  • Complete Actuator Solutions with Electronics

For our international customers, the recent reform of the US governments export control laws resulted in the reclassification of numerous items, including many CDA products used for space flight applications, from control under the US Department of State and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to control under the US Department of Commerce and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Although our customers will still need to provide End User Statements for export administration purposes, this reform and reclassification should ease the concerns many of our customers had with regard to ITAR control and also facilitate the outbound shipment process from CDA to our customers as well as any inbound shipments from our customers to CDA.

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Typical Applications Include

  • Deployment Motors
  • Deployment Dampers
  • Lens Focus Actuators
  • Filter Wheel Drives
  • Trimming Motors
  • Gimbal Pointing Actuators
  • Door/Cover Actuators
  • Antenna Drives
  • Robotic Actuation
  • Tool Drives
  • Aperture Positioning
  • Launch Lock

For further information or assistance with your specific requirements please call CDA directly or email us at mail@cda-intercorp.com or use the link below to submit your requirements online.

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